7 seconds - Take It Back Take It On Take It Over

pa los amantes dl hc old skool !lenton!

tracklist :

  1. All Came Undone
  2. Meant To Be My Own
  3. This Is Temporary
  4. My Band, Our Crew
  5. Still On It
  6. Say My Thanks
  7. Big Fall
  8. Stand Here And Just Stare
  9. Where Is The Danger?
  10. Big Hardcore Mystery
  11. Panic Attack
  12. Our Core
  13. Breaking News
  14. One Friend Too Many
  15. Y.P.H-
  16. Your Frustation
  17. Rules Follow

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vale wn…
este no lo tenia !!
te passaste
gran aporte

o vale wn

bueno el disco