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Cow, cow, cow, cow, big cow family.”
"Code Geass (more)
You have two cows. They are best friends. One mind controls the other so that surviving is its main priority. This mine controlled cow then proceeds to shoot the cow that mind controlled it. Both are idiots, but only one has sexy black hair. " xDD

You have two cows, a long time ago someone else had two cows. Gao~
You have two cows, one turns into a bird and the other dies. You want your six hours back.

You have two cows. On the night of the Watanagashi, one of them commits suicide and the other turns up missing. You begin to fear for your life and start to practice swinging a baseball bat.

Code Geass (2)
You have two cows. They graze on pizza from Pizza Hut.

Seven years ago, you had two cows. Uguu.


Clannad 2
You have five cows. One of them is an idiot, another is an idiot that gets beat up a lot by another cow, another throws books, one is a ghost, and one is an antisocial genius. The one that wants to become an actress doesn’t count.

Code Geass R2
You have two cows. It is exactly like it was in the first season.
Gunsmith Cats
You have two cows. One is obsessed with guns, and the other is obsessed with explosives and used to be a whore. They drive around in fast cars and get into a fight with a Russian cow with a bulletproof hide who gets shot by the first cow when it jumps out of an ambulance with a fire axe.
Maria-sama ga Miteru
You have two cows. One is the French older sister and the other is the French younger sister. Lesbian cow-drama ensues.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
You have a depressed/emo bull teacher and a class of weird cows. This is funny.

You have two cows. They kill you. Repeatedly. This is funny.
Dokuro-chan 2
You have a bull. Now you don’t. Oh wait, you do… Now where’s the next episode?

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